Thank you for taking the time to come to my website. Hopefully you’ll find that I’m able to offer you something of real value. This may be your first visit to the site so I appreciate that at the moment you know very little about us. 

What I know about you is that you are interested in either beauty products or services or you wouldn't be here. There is an exclusive offer but before I give you the details and you go off to explore the website fully, let me ask you a question: All Beauty salons are the same aren't they?

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Can you tell the difference

between one Salon and another?

...All beauty

salons are the

same aren't they?

Let's face it you can walk along any high street or search the internet and find any number of beauty salons all of offering the same treatments. The decor and signage may be different, but basically like round pegs in round holes 95% of salons are alike. 

So how do you decide where you go for your treatments, and does it really matter? 

Here are a few common reasons for selecting a salon.

          Convenience. The salon is close to where you live or work.

          Recommendation. You have a friend or colleague who uses a particular

           salon and recommends you to them.

          Price. Actually, most salons are very similar when it comes to pricing

           as the majority charge the same or similar price give or take a pound or two.

          A decision made for you. If a particular salon is the only one in the area

           that offers the product or treatment that you'd prefer you are limited by lack of choice.

          Gift Vouchers purchased for you by a loved one or friend as a thank

           you or as a birthday gift.

          You know someone who works there.

...Which one applied to you?

If not one of the above may be you read a brochure or found a website. You would almost certainly have read the "about us" section or the welcome page which will say the same thing as all the others. Statements like ‘we offer an excellent service" and that they “take pride" in what they do and what they offer. "Our staff are fully trained and experienced"

But surely isn't this the minimum standard of service we should expect any way? After all, it's your hard earned cash you're spending, who wants to do business with anyone who doesn’t offer excellent service and take pride in their work, using inexperienced and unqualified staff.

I've yet to see any business with a policy statement that says "we don't care about our service and have no interest in the services or treatments that we provide” and furthermore, “our staff are not experienced, trained or qualified to carry out the job in hand”. So are the previous statements made just words or will the salon actually deliver on their promises? More to the point what can you do if they don’t? Where does that leave you?

Well what if there was a 100% cast iron no quibble guarantee that says 'if the salon hasn't met with all of your expectations on service and delivery of treatments, there's no charge” You pay nothing. 

Not just words but a cast iron guarantee. These are difficult times. We're all having to work much harder for the same salary. I don’t know about you, but I don't mind paying for a service provided I get value for money. So why settle for anything less?

The beauty industry is one of the country’s biggest growth areas, beauty and nail salons pop up on the high street all the time. Most disappear faster than they arrive. Why? I guess it has to do with the overheads. Starting a business from scratch is never easy. It take's time to build a large enough client base to sustain the business and this can take longer than cash flow allows. For you this means if the business does fail having to find another therapist and building a new relationship. Someone that you feel comfortable with. That’s why it’s so important to make the right choice.

It’s how you feel and are made to feel the moment you walk through the door. To be greeted with a friendly smile and a big hello. To be attended to immediately. If the receptionist is busy, I want to be acknowledged. (Don’t you just hate that when you go into any business and are you're ignored by the staff)? 

To be seated in a private reception area away from the gazing eyes of the general public walking by. Personally

I dislike being seated in a shop window. 

To be offered a selection of complementary refreshments, tea, herbal tea, coffee or water while you're waiting. To know that your treatments are to be carried out in your own private treatment room which is clean, modern and air-conditioned. Warm in the winter and cool in the summer. A private room, even if it’s just to have a nail treatment.

A Guarantee would

be nice wouldn't it?

So does it matter?

Well, what if all Salons weren't all the same? How would you know? After all a Salon, is a Salon, is a Salon, isn't it?...

...No it's Not!

Maybe you already frequent a salon that offers all of this. However, there are other small things that can make such a big difference to your Salon experience.

          Do the therapists take the time to get to know you, take an interest in you, enabling them to

           recommend the best treatments and products that suit you and your lifestyle?

          Is there attention to detail? When you call to book an appointment will they know who you

           are or will you be subjected to the same questions every time?

          On special occasions like your birthday will you receive a card or voucher as a birthday gift?

          Are you kept up to date with all the latest trends and offers available either by email or direct mail?

As a loyal client is your loyalty appreciated and subsequently rewarded?

You know what I mean. You're happy to be a loyal customer frequently visiting the salon, maybe even referring friends or relatives. But does anyone ever say "thank you"?

You've been going to the Salon every month for a year. What do you think you can look forward to for your loyalty over the past 12 months? Will you receive a small gift by way of thanks or perhaps a free treatment? No? Why not? What would you think if a Salon offered you a loyalty scheme whereby every time you spent money on products or treatments you earned points to use against any future purchases? I know what you're thinking.

You'll have to spend thousands of pounds before the points add up to anything worthwhile. But what if the loyalty scheme was both fair and reasonable?

Let's assume you became a loyal customer and were very happy with the services you received. So happy in fact that you recommended friends and family. Do you think that you should receive some kind of reward for your referrals? What if every time you referred a new client to the Salon you were rewarded with a gift of 50% of their first spend. I.e. Your referral spends £50.00 you get £25.00. Doesn't that sound only fair and reasonable?

Does your Salon use the latest technology?

Do you like to book your appointments from your desktop, mobile phone or tablet? For example if you want to book a waxing appointment but you are in ear shot of your colleagues at work, does your current Salon have facility for you to book online? Do they have an App for you to download to your mobile device enabling you to book an appointment when you're on the move?

Once you've booked you appointment online do you receive email confirmation of your booking and will you be reminded of you appointment by text 48 hours before you're due to come in.?

Is all this available and possible now? Yes it is.

I started my business just under 7 years ago now and I'm pleased to be able to say that we continue to grow even in this difficult financial climate.

I'm often asked what am I doing that enables my business to continue to grow when others around me struggle to compete. I can't answer that. There's no secret, no magic formula. But I do think it’s because we can offer you all the things you've just read about and more. That’s why my business is different from the others and why my business stands out from the crowd.

You've taken the time and trouble to read this and perhaps you're now tempted to give us a try. But what if we don't reach the expectations and standards that I've set out here? Where does that leave you?

Does this sound like a salon that you would prefer

to be a client of? I can assure you it is out there.

"Where’s the offer then?" ....Please read on...

The exclusive

offer is coming...

The exclusive

offer is coming...

..Here's the offer!

Well, remember you have my Cast Iron No Quibble Guarantee to fall back on. This is a win, win, win situation for you. I say this because if you follow the link you can help yourself to a FREE treatment voucher to the value of £10.00 which you can use against any treatment of your choice. Simply complete the sign up form and your will receive a voucher by return.

Click Here

And what's more, if you are not fully satisfied with what we do for you, you will not be charged. I hope that this can be the beginning of a rewarding relationship for both you and I and we look forward to seeing you in the salon soon.

The exclusive

offer is coming...